Monday, March 19, 2012

Babies #4 and #5: More Additions Than You Think

Welcome back! I hope everyone likes the new addition, Bridgitte. And the new babies! Here is the post for babies #4 and #5!
After having twins, Caitlin and Caleb, I went straight home!! I was tired after giving birth to twins...
When I walked in my house, I saw the babysitter steal my potty training toilet for my toddlers... I hate babysitters... >:(
I put my babies on the ground so I could fire the babysitter but he left to early so I couldn't.
After the babysitter left, I fed Caleb because he was starving.
After feeding Caleb, I went and fed Caitlin.
When I left to the hospital, I put Bryson in his highchair to feed him and ended up in labor so he was left in his highchair.
He was super sleepy so I put him to bed.
I was hungry so I went and fed myself.
Then I went and fed the dogs, that I love to pieces!!
After filling the dog food bowls, I washed my dirty dishes.
Did some cleaning... :D
Filled the other food bowl.
After that I decided to go into town to find baby number 4's father... I also brought the dogs.
I stopped driving when I saw him!
*FUN PICTURE* This is a funny but extremely cute picture!
Me: "Hi, my name is Alina Taylor. What's yours?"
Man: "Hello, my name is Calvin Riffin. Nice to meet you."
I explained the rules and all to him.... Then...
Me: "So, will you be the father of baby #4?"
Calvin: "Sure!!"
 Then me, Calvin, Max, and Bridgitte went home...
When I got home, I put Caitlin in her crib and...
Then put Caleb in his crib...
We went to the bed and kissed a little bit...
Then we tried! ;)
I then told him to leave after we tried.
He left like all the other fathers did... lol
Then I had to take care of m lovely children... First was my first born son, Bryson Taylor!
I changed his clothes then put him in his highchair.
He was starving so I fed him some baby food...
After feeding Bryson, Caitlin and Caleb both were crying so I went to them... I changed Caitlin's diaper.
Fed Caitlin...
And snuggled Caitlin because she was lonely... Aww! :)
I then went to Caleb. I changed his diaper...
Fed Caleb...
And snuggled Caleb!
I put him back in his crib...
Guess who knows how to use the potty by himself! That's right! Bryson! Yay!
I was hungry so I went and got some soup!!
Look at Bryson playing with his new teddy bear!! Aww!!
Washing dishes!!
It was late at night so I put Bryson to bed...
I then went to sleep... Aww!!
They went to sleep... Aww!!
Shower time!!
Then sleepy time for me!
Aww!! Bridgitte is so cute!
 Aww!!! Max is a cutie!
In the middle of the night both babies were crying so I came to them... First with Caitlin... I had to change Caitlin's diaper...
Fed little Caitlin...
Then snuggled my first baby girl...
Next was Caleb... I had to change Caleb's diaper...
Fed Caleb...
And snuggled Caleb!!
Then put him to bed! :)
Max using the outdoors as his toilet... Yay! At least he didn't pee inside!!
Uh oh... Does this mean I'm? Maybe!! ;)
Throw up time!
Clean the toilet time!
Yay! Bridgitte used the outside doors as her toilet just like Max! :)
Cereal! :D
Dishes to be washed time!
Time to get my little Bryson up!
Changed his clothes...
Putting him in his highchair! :)
Bottle! :D
Meet our new member to the Taylor Family! His name is Levi!
Here he is up close! Isn't he a cutie??
Petting Levi! With a crazy face! lol
Feeding Levi!
After getting and feeding Levi, I got Bryson out of his highchair and put him into his crib so I could get some things done...
I had to take care of the twins so Caitlin was first... I had to snuggle Caitlin...
Then put her back into her crib!
Then went and snuggled Caleb...
Then put him back to bed...
Bridgitte and Max playing together...  :)
Unclogging the toilet.......................
Using the toilet!
Going to bed myself... But I didn't lay down long because...
I'm pregnant!
 Before laying down I looked out the window and saw this... I hope Bridgitte isn't pregnant!
I then heard my babies crying so I went to see what was wrong... I changed Caitlin's diaper...
Feeding Caitlin...
And snuggled Caitlin...
Putting her to bed...
Changing Caleb's diaper...
Feeding Caleb...
And snuggled Caleb...
Putting him to bed...
Max peed in the house so I scolded him...
Mopping Max's pee up...
Picking Bryson up...
I changed his clothes and put him in his highchair...
Feeding Bryson.
Fixing me some salad! Yum Yum!
Mix, mix, mixing it up! :D
Eating up some salad! Yum yum!
*SARCASTIC* Washing dishes, the most fun thing to do!
Feeding the dogs!
Putting Bryson to bed...
Baby bump #1!
Bedtime foe me as well!
Changing Bryson's diaper...
Back in the crib he goes.
Changing Caitlin's diaper...
Feeding Caitlin...
Snuggling Caitlin....
Putting Caitlin in her crib.
Changing Caleb's diaper...
Feeding little Caleb...
And snuggling Caleb!
Putting Caleb to bed... Tomorrow is the big day! All my babies birthdays! I wasn't tired so I decided to stay up....
Using the toilet.
Taking a shower!
Cleaning the dirty shower...
Eating some quick-to-make cereal!
Washing dishes!
Picking Bryson up!Getting him ready for the big day today!
I changed his clothes and put him in his high chair!
I gave him some food before aging him and his siblings up.
I went to Bridgitte while Bryson was eating to see if she was pregnant... Guess what!She is 100% pregnant!
I went and picked up Bryson and snuggled him before aging him up... Why do kids grow up so fast? :(
Look here, I got 3 good looking cakes for 3 good looking kids!
Blowing the candles out!
Sparkles!! :D
Snuggled my baby girl Caitlin before she went!
Here is little Bryson as a child! Aww! :')
Bryson's everyday!
Bryson's formal!
Bryson's sleepwear!

Bryson's athletic!

And Bryson's swimwear!
Caitlin's turn!
Bryson was tired after aging up so he went to bed...
Time for Caleb to age up!!
Meet little Caitlin Taylor! This is her everyday!
Caitlin's formal!
Caitlin's sleepwear!
Here is little Caleb! This is his everyday clothes!
Caleb's formal!

Caleb's sleepwear!

Putting Caitlin in her highchair!

Putting Caleb in his highchair!

Aww! Cuties eating together!

Bedtime for Caitlin...
And bedtime for Caleb!
Toilet time!
Aww! Sleepy time! <3
Washing Max!
Holding Levi! He is the easiest animal to take care of! Haha! :D

Haha! Crazy face! xD
Feeding Levi!
Baby bump day #2!
Aww! Bryson brushing Max!
Bryson using the toilet! xD
Bryson eating some birthday cake!
Bryson scolding Bridgitte because she peed in the kitchen...

Bryson mopping up the pee... He is such a good boy...
Bryson holding Levi!
Crazy face! They are so cute!
Then he went back to bed...

Changing Caitlin's clothes!

Putting Caitlin in her highchair.

Feeding time!

Changing Caleb's clothes!
Putting Caleb in his highchair then gave him a bottle!

After putting Caleb and Caitlin in their highchairs to feed them, I took a shower.
Fixing some food!

Cooking waffles! :D
I made some leftovers for when I don't feel like cooking.
Yum yum!

Washing dishes... I got done really quick, but I guess it is because I will be giving birth any minute now...

To make time go by, I went and started teaching the toddlers their skills... First was Caitlin...

Bryson is such a good boy! I hope my other children are like that...

Caitlin's first word was "treadmill"... :)
Bryson's first day of school!
I put Caitlin back into her highchair so I could feed both of my vampire angels!

My beautiful toddlers eating! :)
Baby bump day #3!

Then labor hit!

On the way to the hospital!

In the hospital I go!

I come home with 2 beautiful baby girls. This is Calista Taylor! Named after challenge mother Calista Smith, here is the link to her challenge! []
And this is Dawn Taylor! Named after challenge mother Dawn Turner, here is the link to her challenge! [] Thanks for reading! :)