Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moving? Yes! And Babies #19, #20, #21, #22, and #23

Welcome back everyone! :D Where we left off was when I gave birth to my little Nathan <3 Now, on with the post!~~ I decided that I wanted to move tonight so I went and got a cake. I blew Nathan's candles out and set him on the floor.
He started crying when the sparkles surrounded him. I felt sad as he had to go through with the growing process and I couldn't help him through it...
When he turned into a toddler he was just a giggling! He has his fathers eyes but my skin tone. His hair color is the same color of the fathers hair roots so this didn't scare me at all.
I dressed him up and put him in the stroller after I got some stuff that I would need. I walked Nathan and I out the front door and held the door open so Chiko could get out.
I put Nathan in his car seat and put Chiko in his lap as they would definitely fall asleep for the 10 hour car ride. I put the stroller in the back and hopped in the front seat. Time to start the 10 hour journey...
~ in Sunset Valley around 11 am ~
I went and put Nathan in his crib as we got to our new house. I went to bed straight after. It was around 8 am when we got here. I woke up 2 hours later and got Nathan and I dressed. I then remembered that Sabrina and Doug lived in Sunset Valley! I got my phone out right away!
Sabrina: "Alina! Hey!!"
Me: "Hey Sabrina! I have some wonderful news!!"
Sabrina: "Really!! What is it?"
Me: "I decided to move to Sunset Valley!"
Sabrina: "No way! When are you moving?!?"
Me: "Here is the other part of the wonderful news! I am already here!"
Sabrina gasped and started jumping up and down, or that is what I think she did.
Sabrina: "Where do you live? I can come visit! Well, me and Doug can!"
I gave her my address and we said our excited goodbyes.
I went downstairs and waited for at least 10 minutes. As I was about to turn around and go back up stairs, I saw a car pull up and they were walking up the door. I smiled and walked out and greeted them.
Me: "Hey! I missed you so much!!"
Sabrina: "Me too!"
We then hugged each other tightly.
Me: "So, what have you been up to lately?"
Sabrina: "That is actually what I needed to tell you. We may not be able to stay long because I have a baby at home with a babysitter."
Me: "That's wonderful! Is it a boy or a girl? And what's his/her name?"
Sabrina: "It's a wonderful boy! And his name is Moises! He is such a cutie!"
Me: "He sounds like a cutie! Congratulations Sabrina!"
We then hugged again and I went to Doug.
Me: "So your Doug Turner? Haven't talked much since the wedding! How have you been?"
Doug: "Yep! That's me, haha. Nope, not really. Even at the wedding we haven't been talking. I have been good and as Sabrina said, we had a baby boy!"
Me: "That's good! Congratulations on the new baby!"
Doug: "Thanks! He is a wonderful baby. You will have to meet him sometime! I think he would love aunty Alina!"
Me: "Yes! I will have to meet him! I think he would love aunty Alina too!"
We three shared a laugh and went in as paparazzi was starting to gather around.
They stood at the door as I went to the stairs. I thought they were following me but when I turned around to go up the stairs, they were just standing there by the door. I yelled, playfully, at them to come on and they rushed behind me. I told them to stay in the living room as I went to get Nathan.
I picked up Nathan and he looked up at me. I said 'your about to meet aunty Sabrina and uncle Doug!' He smiled big and I giggled. We walked back to the living room to Doug watching Sabrina pet Chiko.
I then walked over to them.
Me: "Sabrina, Doug this is baby number 18 or my son, the only child living with me, Nathan. Nathan, say hi to aunty Sabrina and uncle Doug!"
They said hello to him and he buried his face into my chest. He was nervous. We all laughed and Sabrina took him.
Sabrina: "Hey, hey. You don't have to be scared of me and uncle Doug! We don't bite!"
He looked up to Sabrina, then to Doug, then to me. He looked down but soon looked back at Sabrina and smiled.
Nathan: "Aunt Sabwina!"
We all giggled.
She kissed him forehead and Doug wanted him. She happily gave him to Doug.
Doug: "Hey there munchkin! Your such a handsome young man!"
He then started tickling him and Nathan started laughing.
Nathan: "Stwop uncle Doug!"
They both giggled as Doug stopped. He handed Nathan back to me.
Sabrina: "Well, we have to go. Bye Alina! See you soon!"
I said bye and they left. I had a wonderful time seeing them both. Hopefully it will happen again soon!
I looked at Nathan and said 'is someone humgry?" he nodded his head and I put him in his highchair.'There ya go!' I said as I put the food down in front of him. I went to the fridge to get me something to eat/drink.
I got some plasma juice, as expected because you know... Vampires like plasma : P
As soon as Nathan and I were done, I got him in his sleep clothes and put him in his crib. 'Night baby. I will see you when you wake up' he smiled sleepily and went to sleep minutes after.
I made sure he went to sleep before I did as I didn't want him to be awake and I be asleep. But when he blacked out, I blacked out too.
I woke up around 7 am and got dressed. I let out a big sigh and walked towards the nursery. I picked up little Nathan and tickled him. 'Who's ready to eat?' he giggled and rested his head on my chest. We walked downstairs.
I put him in his highchair and gave him a bottle as I went and got me plasma juice. I looked at the floor in deep thought. I was thinking about if I should get pregnant today or not... I was jolted out of my thinking when Nathan began to fuss. I went and got him dressed. I put him in his stroller and headed out the door.
I decided to go to the art museum. When we got here, I took Nathan out of the stroller and took him inside. We went up the stairs.
I immediately stopped in my tracks when I saw someone that looked oddly familiar. I knew him but his name wasn't in my mind. I decided to see if he wants to join my challenge.
Me: "Hi! My name is Alina and I just moved here. What's your name? You look familiar but I just can't name your name."
Him: "Hi, my name is Bryn Windfield and I am just visiting here."
I knew it! He was Addy McKnight's brother! I don't know why I didn't know his name in the first place!
Me: "Ok! You looked familiar! Aren't you Addy McKnight's brother?"
Bryn: "Yes, yes I am!"
I got excited!
Me: "Can you be the next father in my challenge? It's ok if you don't want to..."
He looked nervously at the ground.
Bryn: "Umm, when would you want to conceive the child?"
Me: "As soon as possible!"
He looked more relaxed and looked at me.
Bryn: "Sure, can we go now?"
Me: "So, I guess you know the rules haha. Sure!"
We then left and when we got to my house I put Nathan in the nursery. I then ran back to Bryn and showed him the way to my room.
You know what goes on from there ;D
We soon finished and got dressed. I hugged him goodbye and he left. Now, to take care of Nathan...
 I walked Bryn to the front door and watched him leave. Nathan was making loud noises so I went to check on him. He was trying to scare his doll... Oh how mommy loves this silly boy! <3
After checking on him, I let him be and went to paint. Painting calms me and makes me happy and not bored. It is also my new favorite hobby!! And I can get money from it!!
After a couple of hours, Nathan crawled out of the nursery and to me saying 'mommy, mommy! I hungy!!' I laughed and picked him up. We walked down the stairs and onto the second floor. I put him in his highchair with some food while I went and got my some plasma juice.
When he was done, I changed his clothes and carried him up the stairs to the second floor. I put him in his crib and sung him to sleep.
I went straight to bed after about an hour of singing and humming. These children better know I love them!!
Around 1am, I woke up to throw up. I hate this part of pregnancy but it will be all worth it in the end... <3
I went back to sleep and woke up around 8am. I went and snuggled Nathan. 'Nathan, mommy loves you. You know that?' he nodded his head slowly. I smiled and kissed his fore head as we went down to the second floor.
The first thing I did was put him in his highchair. And gave him food of course! I wasn't hungry so I just watched him eat. He is so cute!
I decided to get his talking skills a little higher!
Me: "Come on Nathan! Say fish!"
Nathan: "Fwish!"
I giggled as he could ALMOST say fish.
It wasn't very long until my stomach want to go nauseated. I ignored it until I couldn't and ran to the bathroom. And you know what happens next...
I came out at the right time to see Chiko licking Nathan's face. Nathan was just a giggling! I laughed causing Chiko to jump.
I went to pick up Nathan when the baby/babies made themselves known... Yay! Little Bryn babies! XD
I picked up Nathan and decided to play with him.
Me: "Oh no! It's the claw!!!"
Nathan gasped and screamed when my hand touched him. But after seeing it was tickling him he giggled.
He looked at me when I was making weird noises to make the claw more scary and he laughed at my faces. I couldn't help but laugh with him!
I went with him and sat on the couch. I turned the tv on and put it on some cartoon shows. Not soon after, Chiko came and joined us watching the shows.
Around 6pm, I put Nathan in his highchair with some food while I got my usual plasma juice. I then picked him up and went upstairs.
I changed him and put him in his crib. This night I read him a small story of a price and princess and the princess was in great danger so the prince had to save her. He fell asleep halfway through the story.
Baby bump day #1. Not very big....
I changed and went to sleep. We have a big day tomorrow! It is Nathan's birthday! He is gonna be a child <3
I woke up around 9am. My back was aching and my stomach looked like it had a growth spurt! I was huge! I changed anyway and got the big boy! I put him in his highchair and gave him a special bottle of milk!
After he was done I changed his clothes and snuggled my boy. He is about to turn into a bigger boy... Why do they have to grow up?
I took him over to the cake. 'Happy birthday Nathan!" I yelled and we blew out his candles...
He actually enjoyed the sparkles now... This is one weird but fun child......
Meet Nathan! He got his chunky-ness from his father... But he is beautiful anyway <3
After aging up he immediately came up to me.
Nathan: "Mom, can I rub your stomach?"
Me: "Sure sweetheart!"
I bent down to where he could properly rub my stomach. He was happy to be an older brother!
He hugged me when he was done. I love my children, espically when they surprise hug me or randomly say 'I love you mom' it makes me feel like I have made success as being a mom! <3
Nathan is also very helpful! He went and brushed Chiko's fur! I love this boy to bits!!
While he was brushing Chiko's fur, I went and put Nathan's favorite cartoon on. 'Nathan! Your favorite cartoon is on!' he picked Chiko up and ran over to the couch. Chiko eventually crawled his way over to the end of the couch. He stayed but he just moved....
Around 5 I decided it was time to eat. I was going to cook him spaghetti but he begged me to fix him a salad. I didn't refuse because if he wants to lose weight, he can. I fixed it and put it on the table as he ran up to it and dug in. I just got me the usual, plasma juice. Nathan thought the plasma juice looked disgusting but it's the only thing to drink/eat when your a vampire...
Baby bump day #2. I have a feeling its more than 2 babies...
I went to sleep as Nathan went to sleep at least an hour before me. I blacked out and dreamt about me giving birth... Weird dream
I woke up around 7:30 to movements downstairs. I forgot that Nathan was a child now and I got scared. I changed and went downstairs to Nathan getting a piece of cake.
Nathan: "Oh hey mom! Did I wake you?"
Me: "Naw sweetheart. I just forgot you had school today and I thought you wasn't up yet."
I lied through my teeth. He shrugged and sat down. He started eating when I sat down with my plasma juice.
Nathan finished his cake right when the bus honked the horns. He ran down to the bus and yelled 'Love ya mom!' I smiled and washed his dish for him.
I decided to clean a bit and put the dog toys up in the dog toy box. When I bent down I smelt Chiko and he stank! When he was done eating I picked him up.
I then gave him a bath. He smelt instantly better! We gotta keep that colorful coat of fur clean!!
I then petted him as he didn't fuss about getting a bath like I thought he would... As I was petting him, I got a sharp pain in my abdomen.
I went into labor........ I screamed and I thought it was past 3pm so I ran into the livingroom to see if Nathan was home yet but it was only 1pm. Before I could do anything else, I gave birth.
I gave birth to 5 babies! 2 boys and 3 girls! Welcome to the world Austin Taylor! He was named after my real life brother!
And Serenity Taylor!
And Peyton Taylor!
And Arianna Taylor!
The last one out is Hunter Taylor! Wow... 5 new babies. I am gonna have alot of work to do!!
~~ End Of Post ~~
Thanks for reading!! Please comment on how I did! :D To me, this is my favorite post I ever did! I think I did pretty good :3 If you have suggestions or anything, comment! I would love anything to help my blog be better! Well, please comment and thanks for reading! :D <3