Sunday, May 13, 2012

Babies #15, #16, and #17: Happy Mothers Day!

Welcome back everyone! Where we last left off, I gave myself a makeover, Sabrina built me a house, and had babies 13 and 14! Now on with the post!
As soon as I got home, I put Liam and Love in their cribs... Then headed to be myself!
A couple hours later, the babies started crying... So, I went to them. I went to Love first and snuggled her.
I then put her to bed. I can't believe I've had 14 kids! I then got Liam...
Snuggling little Liam! He is so cute! :) I make some pretty babies! xD
Then put little Liam to bed. As I did, I thought about this house. I love Sabrina so much! I can't believe she don't have a boyfriend! She is so sweet and funny... She takes care of others before herself! Something will happen to her and it's gonna be something great!!
When I came downstairs, I saw Zayn, Hope, and Harry playing together! I love it when my babies get along!!
Then I heard the babies crying... Back upstairs I go! I got Love and changed her diaper...
I also fed her. My babies are so cute when they eat! ^-^ She had to go back in her crib so I could go and take care of Liam...
I changed his diaper and fed him... Aww! I miss babies 1-12 being this small!!! Dx
But he had to go back into his crib... After putting him in his crib, my back started hurting. It reminded me that it was gonna stay like that for about 86 more babies... I don't mind, it is all worth it in the ending! ^-^
I then went downstairs and ate. The kids were at school so I had the house to myself! Well to me and the babies until 3...
I then washed the dishes. The babies were sound asleep upstairs so I could do whatever I wanted to!!
So I decided to play the drums! I didn't have anything else to do so I did this.  :P
I also had a audience! xD
Around 2:30PM, the teens got home and started their homework! I was playing drums for a long time!!
But I got interrupted when my phone rang. It was 3:30PM. I answered it.
Me: "Hello?"
Man: "Yes, this is Green Apple. Lemon Lime told me to call you about being a father in your challenge."
Me: "Yes! Of course but not now. I'm about to age up my kids. I will call you back when I'm ready."
Green: "Ok bye!"
Me: "Bye bye."
We then hung up and I checked on the kids. They were done with their homework!
So it was time to age up!
Miss Kiara Taylor goes first!
Up going second is Miss Macie Taylor!
Up going third is Miss Little Hope Taylor!
Up going Fourth is Mister Harry Taylor!\
Up going fourth is Mister Zayn Taylor!
Then a sparkle party!
A little more of the sparkle party!
Up going sixth is little Liam Taylor! With sparkles!
Going last it Love Taylor!! With sparkle aswell! ^-^
This is Kiara Taylor! (Link in "The Kids")
This is Macie Taylor! (Link in "The Kids")
This is Hope Taylor!
This is Harry Taylor!
This is Zayn Taylor!
This is Liam Taylor! Aww! I love his hair color!! <3
And little Love Taylor! Aww! She LOVES pink! ^-^
I then hugged my girls goodbye.
Let us say goodbye! GOODBYE BABIES 8 & 9!
Then Hope and I put Love and Liam to bed! When my kids hit teen years, they are alot of help to the younger kids!!
We then went to sleep. Night Taylor home!
I was the first one up at 6AM... Everyone else was asleep... So I got dressed and went downstairs to get me something to eat. I got me a piece of cake.
When I was washing my dish, the teen triplets came and got them something to eat. Then they went to school.
I then called Green Apple back after the kids went to school.
Green: "Hello? This Alina?"
Me: "Yep! You ready?"
Green: "Yep!"
Me: "Come over to my place."
Green: "Ok bye!"
Me: "Bye!"
We then hung up and I waited for him.
The doorbell rang. I let him in and let me say this, I love his green skin, red eyes, and red hair! The teens were also on their way home from school.
I explained the rules.
Me: "So... You ready?"
Green: "Of course!"
When Green and I was going upstairs, Hope and Harry put Love and Liam in their highchairs...
And fed them! ^-^
Then we made baby 15! :D
We then said our goodbyes!
I then got Liam and started to teach him to talk while Hope taught Love to walk.
Zayn washed Max II and Harry played on the machines.
I then invited Kiara and Macie over to take a family portrait! If you remeber, I had a family portrait with babies 1-7 so I got one of babies 8-14! Next time will be when baby 15 is a young adult!
Kiara and I then put Love and Liam to bed. Kiara and Macie left soon after.
I went to sleep when Kiara and Macie left. But didn't last long due to my phone ringing. I answered it.
Me: "Hello?"
Sabrina: "Hey! It's me, Sabrina! Did I wake you?"
Me: "Oh! Hey! And nah, you just stopped me from making dinner at 1 in the morning..."
Sabrina: "Sorry I woke you! Anyway, I have wonderful news!!!"
Me: "Really! What is the good news?"
Sabrina: "You know challenge mother Dawn Turner?"
Me: "Yes! Why?"
Sabrina: "She has 3 brothers right? Well, Doug asked me to marry him! I said yes!!"
Me: "Congrats!! Finally something good came!"
Sabrina: "I also want you to be my maid of honor!"
Me: "Of course!! Well I'm gonna go to bed now. Bye."
Sabrina: "Me too... Bye."
We then hung up.
And I went to sleep...
Around 5 in the morning, I had to throw up!  Dx
But I was still hungry, so I got some cake... We have a bunch of this stuff!! xD
And decided to write a book! It's gonna be about my life during this challenge! ^-^
But I had to throw up after 2 chapters.  -_-
When everyone was awake, Hope and I put Liam and Love in their highchairs...
And fed them!!!!!! :D
Then I started talking to Zayn... I had a idea about giving them Max II when they move out so I can have more room to have kids...
Me: "Zayn, if you could when y'all move out, would y'all take Max II?"
Zayn: "Of course! It's completely up to you..."
Me: "I know..."
I then left and picked up Liam while Hope picked up Love...
We then taught them some skills... I taught Liam to walk and Hope taught Love to talk...
Zayn went and taught Max II to hunt...
While Harry danced...
It was a good idea so everyone joined! :D
As I was taking Liam out of the pool I glanced at Hope and Love...
They were on top of the slide watching birds in the sky and Love started giggling and clapping! Aww! :)
Then the baby kicked to let know that he/she was there! :3
I decided to cook some hotdogs because everyone was starting to get hungry...
Before anyone ate I gave Love and Liam bottles!
Then we got something to eat!! It was starting to get late so we soon went inside.
I washed dishes!
But the sink broke on me -__-
Harry put Liam to bed for me :3
As I was cleaning the sink!
Hope put Love to bed as well...
Baby bump day #1!
Then we went to sleep...
But a burglar came!!! D:
The alarm didn't ring because she came in through the back door but Hope is a light sleeper and she called the cops!! That's my girl!
As the burglar was gonna leave thourgh the front door, the alarm rang... Finally -__-
They then got into a fight!! :O
But the burglar won! Dx The cops need to work out or something to get them burglars!! -_-
I still hugged Hope for calling the police because if she didn't then they wouldn't have been here on time to even fight the burglar!
Hope and I again put Liam and Love in their highchairs to start the day...
We then fed them ^-^
We were the only ones up for a couple of hours... I guess boys like to sleep late :P
I washed dishes as the teens went to school...
I then let both Liam and Love out of their cribs and continued to teach Love to talk while Liam played with blocks...
I then continued her with teaching her to walk! With Liam still playing! xD
Then it was time to age up!
Going first is Hope with Zayn going second!
Third is Harry with Love coming right behind in fourth!
Coming in last is little Liam!!!!
Baby sparkles!!!
This is Hope Taylor! (Link in "The Kids")
This is Zayn Taylor! (Link in "The Kids")
This is Harry Taylor! (Link in "The Kids")
This is Love Taylor!
And this is Liam Taylor!!
I then made a decision...
Me: "Hope I have a question..."
Hope: "What's that momma?"
Me: "Do you want Max II?"
Hope: "Sure but why are you giving him to us?"
Me: "I need more room for having babies. I'm planning on getting a cat soon."
Hope: "Ok momma. Love you, we will miss you! And happy mother's day for tomorrow!"
Me: "Love you too honey. And thank you!"
We then stopped talking so I could hug my other babies that were leaving.
I went and hugged Zayn goodbye after hugging Hope.
And then hugged Harry.
Then Hope, Zayn, Harry, and Max II left. I'm gonna miss them all... :(
But I had to go on so Love, Liam, and I ate some leftover cake...
I washed the dishes while thinking about tomorrow... I can't wait! My first mother's day as a mom! :D
Baby bump day #2!
I went to sleep happily!!
Everyone was up around 5 in the morning so I made my bed while the kids got dressed and ready for school later.
I soon got dressed and met Love and Liam downstairs and watched TV...
Liam and Love: "Happy mothers day mom!!!!"
Me: "Thank you sweeties!" :)
But we then heard the bus outside so they ran out there to get on it and go to school...
I ate some cake as the baby inside me was grumpy... This baby is gonna be here soon... But when?
I then started playing the Cello... I was bored and had the house to myself so why not? ^-^
Baby bump day #3!
But soon interrupted with my water breaking! Wow this is gonna be the best mothers day ever!! I decided to have a home birth...
I then had my baby Vanessa Taylor! Named after finished challenge mother Vanessa Wood! ^-^
But the pain kept coming... Twins???
I then had my little boy named Niall Taylor! Named after Niall Horan from One Direction!! ^-^
But the pains still kept coming! TRIPLETS!!
I then had another little boy named Louis Taylor! Named after Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! What a wonderful mothers day gift!!!! Thanks for reading! Look out for baby # 18!!! ^-^