Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Vampirific Bachelorette Party!

Welcome back! Where we last left off, I had my triplets on Mothers Day! What a wonderful gift! Now on with the post!
I took Vanessa out of the boy crib and put Louis in it. I then fed Vanessa while walking into the girl nursery.
I then put her in her crib as I walked to the elevator to go downstairs.
When I walked into the dining room, Liam and Love started immediately on their homework! I am so proud of my children for doing what they are supposed to do! :)
As soon as I sat down and started eating, Liam got done with his homework and got him some leftover hotdogs. When he sat down, Love just finished her homework and was walking herself to the fridge to get something to eat!
I then got Love, Liam, and I's plates and washed them. As I did so, Liam and Love headed up to bed and before they got into the elevator they yelled "Good Night Mom!" I smiled as I finished the dishes! :)
I headed to bed myself after making sure the doors were lock, the burglar alarm was on, and made sure everything was clean!! :3
 I got up around 6AM and heard the babies crying. I am surprised that all my kids are heavy sleepers while I am a very light sleeper o.o But anyways, I forced myself up and into my clothes. I went to Vanessa because she was closer. I changed her diaper, fed her, and snuggled her. I then put her into her crib. Oh how I love my babies as babies! :'3
I did the same with little Niall! I changed his diaper, fed him, and snuggled him. Then he went back into the crib! :3
And I did the same with Louis! I changed his diaper, fed him, and snuggled him. Then in the crib he goes! I think the babies all are attached somewhere because once one baby needs help, ALL babies need help! It's weird o.o
I then heard footsteps walk by. I knew it was Liam and Love going downstairs. I decided to join them when they started eating. I love them all so much! <3
I then washed mine and their dishes as we heard the school bus horn outside. They sped off while I grabbed their dishes. I went straight to the sink and when I started washing them, I heard the front door shut... Now, it is quiet in the house because the babies were asleep and the kids just left for school. With nothing to do, I was getting bored quickly.
I decided to paint during my free time. I never have it but this is the one and only chance I have! So I made it worth a wait for a free time! :D
I heard the kids come in the door and headed to the ding room. I checked the time, 4:30PM. I have been painting for almost 8 hours!! I decided to stop and watch them do their homework.
Then we got our birthday on! First up was Liam, second was Love, and third was Vanessa!
Sparkles for Love! :3
Fourth up was Niall! :3
Sparkles for Liam! :3
Fifth up was Louis and last was Niall! :D
Sparkles for Vanessa, Niall, and Louis!! :D
What a handsome young man Liam has become! :D
What a very beautiful young lady Love has become! <3
Little Vanessa! I didn't know my purple highlights could be passed on to my children! I guess it can! She has my hair color and my facial features. Everything else is her father!
Well, look at Mr. Niall Taylor! He has his fathers skin color, hair color, and lips! Everything else is moi! :3
And Mr. Louis Taylor! He looks just like his brother except for the skin color and hair color! I wonder where his hair color came from! o.o
Liam, Love, and I put Vanessa, Niall, and Louis in their cribs as it was almost 9PM. After we put them to bed, they went to bed themselves...
So have I.
Love and I woke up around 6AM. When Sabrina called me about her engagement to Doug, she told me she wanted to do her bachelorette party as soon as possible. Today was the day of the bachelorette party so I needed to talk to Love.
Me: "Love dear, I need to talk to you."
Love: "Ok, whats up?"
Me: "I have to go to Bridgeport today for Sabrina's bachelorette party today and I need you to watch the toddlers while I'm gone. You and your brother needs to watch them. Will you watch them while I'm gone? I will be back early in the morning tomorrow."
Love: "Sure! I don't think Liam would mind helping me watch the tots! You have fun and Liam or I will call you if we need anything!"
Me: "Ok, I will leave when y'all get home from school!"
I then gave Love a 'Thank You' hug before we got Vanessa, Louis, and Niall dressed and into their highchairs.
I got Vanessa while Liam got Niall and Love got Louis! We fed them with a bottle and Liam and Love were out the door to the honking school bus.
I got me a little grub as well as I can't stop anywhere when I leave to Bridgeport as Bridgeport is very far away...
I got Vanessa, Louis, and Niall out of the highchairs and onto the couch to watch kid shows. But after an hour, Vanessa was getting tired so I swooped her into my arms, moved Louis closer to me and cradled Vanessa in my arms. She went to sleep very quickly.
Almost 2 hours later, Liam and Love came home from school. I gave them a hug and kiss goodbye. I was actually happy and sad to leave, sad because I was leaving my babies alone which I have never done before... And happy because I actually have freetime with myself and I will be hanging out with the girls in a couple of hours.
 It was almost 2:30PM when I left my very comfy home.
When I finally hit Bridgeport, it was 5:30PM. I was tired but I had to keep going. I stopped at the nearest place and changed into my party clothes as Sabrina texted me saying everyone was at the party place.
I decided the bachelorette party was gonna be at a very cool club called the Brightmore! It looked AMAZING!
When I got there everyone came hugging on me and we went inside! I rented the whole VIP section out for us! Everyone that went is Sabrina, Dawn Turner, Della Wriner, Ashby Lemi, Addy McKnight, Christy Quinn, Love Sierra, and me! Love, Della, Christy, and I all headed to the bubble station! :D
Dawn and Addy headed over to the foosball table. They got REALLY into it! xD
 While we was doing what we did, Sabrina and Ashby headed over to the bar. :3
We had some major fun!! Then I saw the bouncer. She was a vampire! I then had the most craziest idea!
Me: 'Hi, my name is Alina!"
Vampire: "Hello, my name is Bridgit! Nice to meet you!"
She talked to me with a evil accent. I ignored it though.
Me: "May you please turn me? You know, into a vampire??"
Bridgit: "I don't know, I am not sure I should."
Bridgit: "As you wish!"
Me: "YAY! Thank you, thank you!!"
Bridgit: "Oh no, thank YOU!"
She started to creep me out. But I already asked her and she agreed. I started having second thiughts because of her evil grin.... o-o
Before I could say never mind, she sunk her fangs into me. OH, how it hurt! I tried pulling away but she held on harder and every time she held on harder and I tugged, it ripped my blood vessel and my skin, causing me to bleed more and more.
After sucking for almost 5 minutes she let go. I felt drained but she soon bandaged me up. I stopped bleeding and felt so much better. If she kept sucking, she would have sucked all the blood inside my body out! She dropped me off on the sofas near the hot tub and got me a glass of water and left me. I drunk the glass of water and felt instantly better, like nothing happened! I saw everyone heading to the dance floor so I jumped up and joined them!
We danced for almost an hour! They played some really good music!! :D
At around 12:30AM, I bought a bunch of drinks and we all cheered to Sabrina to congratulate her for her engagement! Soon, one by one everyone left.
I left around 1AM... I am so tired! But I promised I would be home in the morning.
I finally hit home! THANK GOODNESS! It was almost 4AM. I am so happy to be back home with my babies! <3
When I got inside, I noticed no one was up so I went to bed!
* Love's POV *
I woke up around 6AM. I got dressed then peeked into moms bedroom door to see if she was home, which she was. I smiled and as I slowly closed the door, I turned around and almost had a heart attack when Liam was standing there behind me smiling creepily at me. I told him to stop and to help me get Vanessa, Niall, and Louis dressed. I got Vanessa while Liam got Louis. When I put Vanessa into her highchair I got Niall.
I put him into his highchair just as Liam put Louis into his hiughchair. 
Liam: "How can you get them changed so quickly?"
Love "Haha, it takes real skill!" 
Liam then just glared at me.
We then fed them! But after I got done writing a note for mom, the school bus honked outside. I looked at Vanessa straight into her eyes and said "Give this to mommy when she gets you ok?" She nodded then continued to drink her bottle.
I then ran to catch up with Liam. We then rode to school...
* Alina's POV *
I woke up around 9AM. I slept really late, but that was only because of the party last night. I remembered the fun we had! I then listened close to the house. It was quiet, a little to quiet... I decided to go around and get the babies up for today.
I had gotten dressed and went to get Vanessa but to my surprise, she wasn't there! I was getting a little worried.
I ran into the boys nursery and saw that Niall and Louis wasn't in there either! Now I am at full level worried!!!! WHERE DID MY BABIES GO?!?!?!?
I ran into the dining room to see if they were in there and luckily they were! I ran straight to Niall and picked him up!
I went and hugged Niall, then hugged Louis, and then went to Vanessa. My heart was still just a beating! After I was done snuggling Vanessa, she looked at me and said "Here mommy, sissy say to give this to you." I grabbed the note out of her hand and said "Thank you" before reading the note. The note said: "Hey mom, since you were sleeping and got home early this morning, Liam and I decided to help by taking care of the triplets for you this morning! We love you!! Love, Liam and Love Taylor" I smiled as I felt my heart best to slow down.
I was so worried that after reading the note I still was kinda worried so I put Niall and Louis beside me and Vanessa in front of me as I ate. I did not want to lose my babies again!
I put them on the ground and left them to go wash my dishes! I then got them and put them all into the playroom.
I decided to teach Louis to walk while Vanessa and Niall played on the block table! I then heard the front door slam shut. That means Love and Liam were home... They went straight into the dining room...
So, I followed them and they were doing their homework. They are such great kids! <3
I also decided to age them up since Liam and Love have been so good here lately. Love went first, Liam went second, and Louis went third!
Sparkles for Liam, Louis, and Love! :D
Niall went forth while Vanessa went last.
Tot sparkles!
This is Liam Taylor! (Link in "The Kids")
This is Love Taylor!! (Link in "The Kids")
Little Louis Taylor! What a lovely young man he has became! :3
My little genius Niall Taylor!
And my little diva Vanessa Taylor! She is such a beauty! :3
After aging up everyone, I hugged Liam and Love goodbye. I will surely miss them...
And they moved out... I miss them already!! :(
I then went to sleep... Goodnight everyone!
Until the burglar alarm rang at 2 or 3 in the morning -__- The stupid burglar freaked out over the alarm! If I was her, I would forget about the alarm and run!
The cops soon arrived and started fighting the burglar! :O
But the burglar won..... -__- These cops need to work out instead of eating all of those dang donuts!!! >,<
Cop: "I am sorry to say this but, the burglar got away and took whatever she had with her..."
Me: "I don't care, just get out of my house!!!"
I got angry with the cops... I swear, I am thinking about moving somewhere else where the cops are stronger if you have a burglar!!! I am literally thinking about moving to Sunset Valley!

As Niall and I ate, Vanessa and Louis got something to eat. They started eating as soon as Niall and I got finished! Haha what a wonderful family breakfast! xD
I then washed everyone's dishes! I decided to spend the day with the kiddos that I have home with me right now!
We started this family day off with a little bit of tv! We watched almost 2 hours worth of kid shows! 
I decided to leave them alone for maybe 30 minutes while I went to the.....
The spa! This spa has a tattoo shop inside and I always wanted to get a certain tattoo! I walked in nervously...
And walked out proudly! It took almost 20 minutes but after those hurtful 20 minutes, I had my tat!
I decided to get a Plumbob tattoo because it reminds me of my future little "plumbobs" :)
It toke only 5 minutes to drive to and from the spa to my house so it didn't take long to get home!
When I walked in, I saw Vanessa, Louis, and Niall playing on the machines with the tv off...
I just laughed and turned music on and started dancing! :D
But when I was dancing, I started feeling weird... What was happening?? The kids started to get worried. I said I was fine but then couldn't help screaming when the bats and red dust formed around me. I now noticed what was going on...
I am a, vampire.
~ End Of Post ~
Thank you for reading!!!! I hope you liked this post as much as I did!!! When I was waiting for it to get dark in Bridgeport, I did a small photoshoot with everyone that came to the bachelorette party! Hope you like the pictures! :)
Picture #1
 Picture #2
Picture #3
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