Sunday, September 9, 2012

Congrats On The First Baby Sis! And Baby #24

Hi everyone! Welcome back ^-^ On with baby #24's post<3
I decided to go ahead and age all of my babies up! Nathan went as I helped Austin age up.
Serenity is next!
Sparkles again<3
Peyton after Serenity!
Sparkles :D
Then little Arianna! :)
Arianna and her sparkles :3
And last is Hunter!
 No sparkles but still aging anyway!<3
This is teen version Nathan!
Austin... There is only 1 word to say right now........ AWW!
Serenity turned out to be a beautiful young girl with her blond and blue hair that she got from her daddy! :)
Peyton is just as beautiful as her sister! Espically with her blond and purple hair in a side ponytail! AWE!
Arianna had her differences, like her blue skin! She got her hair from me and her daddy's skin color(:
And Hunter. He is too adorable, right? <3
Nathan helped me put the quints to bed. I hugged him as we went to our own bedrooms.
I changed immediately and went to sleep. It was a long day!
I woke up around 5 in the morning and noticed that everyone was still asleep so I decided to clean up a little by starting on the disgusting toilet!
I heard the quints crying so I got them dressed and put into their highchairs so they could drink their bottle!
I have been thinking about getting another dog for Chiko to have a playmate for when me or the kids can't play with him so I looked and looked. I saw that Logan Fey was giving a dog away and I decided to get her! Her name is Stardance! I welcomed her as soon as she got to my house! She is such a lovely dog<3
I decided to let Stardance walk around in her new home as I went to teach Hunter to talk! Or now how to talk a few words!
I went to look for Stardance and I saw her and Chiko meeting! Chiko likes her alot as they play together alot! :)
I had put the other children in their rooms and I decided for Stardance to meet the quints! Nathan was at school and would be home any minute now. After Stardance sniffed Austin, Serenity, Peyton, and Hunter, he went over to Arianna and licked her. She went into a fit of giggles!
I haven't been out in a while and I haven't talked to my sister in a while so I decided to see if she would like me to come over to Appaloosa Plains so I could see her and meet my nephew!
The phone rang for a good minute before she picked up.
Christina: "Hey Alina!"
Me: "Hey Christina! I was wondering if I came to Appaloosa Plains for a couple of hours, would you want me to come over there?"
Christina: "Of course! Get to meet your new nephew Bob and the new one coming!"
Me: "Your already pregnant with your 2nd baby? Wow you are going so quickly! Haha and ok! I will see you soon! I love you, bye!"
Christina: "Love you too! Bye-bye!"
She hung up and I heard the front door close. Nathan was home, and right on time too!
Me: "Nathan? Can you come here please?" I yelled.
Nathan: "Yes ma'am!"
I heard him walk up the stairs.
Me: "Can you do me a HUGE favor?"
Nathan: "Sure! What do you need me to do?"
Me: "Can you watch your little brothers and sisters so I can go back to Appaloosa Plains to see your aunt and cousin?"
Nathan: "Sure! Have fun!"
Me: "Thank you so much honey! Oh and no parties!" I said sarcastically. I knew he wouldn't do that but I wanted to make sure.
Nathan: "Haha ok no parties! Love you!"
Me: "Love you too! See you in a few hours!"
We hugged and I left. I love my kids for being so helpful when I need them.
I drove off, thinking of a short way there. I also decided to surprise Christina with a few challenge mothers/fathers so she can meet them and know what to expect in the future! I pulled my phone out and started making calls.
~ 4 hours later ~
I waited about 30 minutes for the moms/dads to be at Christinas house. As soon as everyone was here, I knocked on her door. She answered it in less than 2 minutes.
Christina: "Alina! And people that I sorta recognize! Come in!"
We all walked in and stood in the living room.
Me: "Christina, these people are challenge mothers/fathers. This is Natalie Windfield, Ande Wriner-Langly, Dawn Turner, and Logan Fey."
They all waved at her and she waved back. I decided to let Christina talk to them as I went to my nephew Bob.
Me: "Hi Bob! I am your aunt Alina!"
Bob: "Aunt Aleenaa!"
He smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen. I smiled back at him.
Me: "Are you being good to mommy?" I asked He shook his head with the most sneakiest grin. I tickled him until he confessed that he was. "Good" I said and we both laughed. He is such a cutie! I yelled for Dawn to come over and when she did I handed him over to her.
Me: "Look at who it is! It is grandma Dawn!" Dawn smiled and started playing with him as I went to talk to Chrisitna.
Me: "So, how are you liking the other challenge moms/dads?"
Christina: "Pretty good! They all are wonderful people!" I smiled after she said that.
Me: "Good, they are wonderful people! Oh and if you didn't know, Dawn is Bob's grandmother!"
Christina: "That's Dawn? Wow so I have officially met the famous Dawn Turner! Alina, thank you so much for bringing them along with you! Without you, I probably would have never met them!"
Me: "No problem!" We smiled.
Christina: "Oh! You want to meet your other nephew?"
Me: "Its a boy?"
Christina: "I don't know but I feel like it is gonna be a boy." we laughed.
Me: "Sure! Hi there!" I said rubbing my hands over my new little niece/nephew.
Around 5 we all sat in a circle and talked about how our challenges were going and talked about what happened in the past. Just so Christina can know what can happen and what we don't want to happen but might. Dawn didn't talk much as she was putting Bob to sleep. She has been holding him since I gave him to her! She refused to let him go!
Around 7 I thought it was time to go. I listened to Christina's baby bump but I got kicked in the ear. I laughed about that. Christina hugged everyone goodbye. Dawn kissed Bob's head before putting him in his crib.
We all left in separate directions. I can't wait till we do that again!
~ 4 hours later ~
When I got home, it was almost 11 at night. I was super tired! I heard something upstairs and little feet moving so I knew Nathan and the quints weren't asleep.
My phone started ringing so I answered it.
Me: "Hello?"
Him: "Hi, is this Alina Taylor? This is Melissa Pollard's son, Preston Pollard."
Me: "Yes this is Alina."
Preston: "Can I join your challenge?"
Me: "Of course! Can you come now?"
Preston: "Sure! I will be there in 5 minutes!"
We hung up and I stood by the door waiting for Preston. I saw a car pull up so I stood outside.
Me: "So, you are Preston Pollard?"
Preston: "Yep! Do we go now or?"
Me: "As soon as I age my babies up!"
He nodded and followed me up the stairs.
This is Preston Pollard! For everyone that didn't know what he looked like!
I aged them immediately! This is young-adult version Nathan! (Link in "The Kids")
Child version of Austin! He thinks he is all 'cool' and has 'swag'. I laughed at him when he said that but s=he was serious. I still laughed anyway!
Here is miss Serenity! Her eye vision as a toddler was bad but not bad enough for glasses. When she aged up, it got completely worse. She may even become blind before she hits a young-adult! :(
Here is Peyton! She is not a complete girly girl but not a complete tomboy either. She a bit of both! Thats what makes her unique!
This is Arianna! She is a COMPLETE girly girl! She refuses to wear anything unless it has some sort of pink on it!
And here is Hunter! He is mature for his age but still has that childish in him! He is such a wonderful kid!
I hugged Nathan goodbye. I know he will be good on his own but I hate seeing my babies leave :(
As soon as I got the kids to sleep and got Nathan to leave, Preston and I did our 'business'. ;3 He left as soon as it was over because it was nearly 2 in the morning!
I went straight to sleep!
I woke up the next morning around 5 and decided to make breakfast for the kiddos! I made them some pancakes!
"BREAKFAST IS READY! COME AND GET SOME PANCAKES!" I yelled. I heard stuff fall and kids fall but they made to the kitchen area.
They all got a plate and ate it. I decided to let them stay home from school today but they had to go tomorrow. As they ate, I put all the dog toys up.
All the kids played pretend. I was watching tv as they played. They are some funny kids!
I got sick to my stomach so I ran to the bathroom to throw up. I swear, I will never get used to this!
I decided to take all the kids to the library. I got a book about "How To Fix Things When They Break". All the other kids got children's books but Serenity got a logic book. I think she is going to be my smart kid and always be studying! Good for her :)
When we got home, the kids went straight to bed and I got me some plasma juice to feed me and my unborn baby!
I went straight to sleep.
I woke up around 4 to my baby letting me know it was there. I smiled at him/her and rubbed him/her. :3
I took a nice, soothing bath. It really helps my back when it hurts!
After my nice bath, I had to fix things. I fixed the trash thingy...
And unclog the toilet. Eww!
I decided to rest my body by watching some tv. I watched it for so long that I didn't even notice the kids left for school and came back.
They did their home work and went outside to play. They love their mini playground outside!
I told them to come in and go to bed at 8. I also got me some plasma juice. I pefer human blood but I am used to plasma juice and that is what I will stick too.
Baby bumpp<3
I went to bed around 10.
I woke up at 9 with the kids gone to school. The dogs were dirty so I decided to give them a bath. I gave Stardance one first because she smelt worse. She was happy to get a bath!
After Stardance got out and got me wet, I got Chiko. Chiko never liked baths but ever since Stardance came, he has been more obeying and such. I dried him so he wouldn't get me any more wet and he walked away.
I got me some of plasma juice. Yum(:
It was only me, Stardance, Chiko, and my unborn baby home so I did some cleaning. I took the trash out.
And paid rent. It was almost $400!
I went back inside because you know, I am a vampire and vampires don't like the sun very much. When I got to the livingroom, my phone rang. It was Christina!
Me: "Hey Christina!"
Christina: "Hey! I just wanted to let you know I had your 2nd nephew!"
Me: "It was a boy? What did you name him?"
Christina: "Yes, it is a boy! His name is Chase!!"
Me: "Awesome! Oh and just to let you know, I am pregnant with your 24th niece/nephew!"
Christina: "Wow! Anyway, I have to go. Love you! Bye!!"
Me: "Love you too! Bye!"
We hung up. Wow, 2 nephews!
The kids got home as soon as I hung up. They started their homework and I helped them.
They begged me to tell them a scary story so they all sat around me and I told them the scariest story that came into my mind!
All of them were scared but they thanked me anyway! I hugged them all good night and as I hugged Austin, he asked me if they could age up. I said tomorrow and he nodded. They went to bed after I said that.
Baby bump(:
I went to bed aswell.
I went into labor around 2 in the morning. I tried to keep my screaming low as the children had school. At 3, I had a beautiful baby girl<3
Meet Clarissa Taylor! I could tell she would be a super girly girl but not a mean one! Thanks for reading! Until next time, bye! :)
Thank you all for reading! :) please comment what you think :3 also if you have suggestions, please comment them below! I would love to have my challenge better at anything :) Anyways, thanks for reading and please comment! :D