Saturday, January 5, 2013

I'm sorry.. :(

Hey guys... Alina's challenge is officially over :( My game started messing up and long story short, she got deleted. I will create ANOTHER challenge mom soon and I will let you all know when that comes out. If you wanted to, this is as far as I got in my baby #25 post... Goodbye Alina, I will miss you </3

Baby #25 Post

Welcome back :) ~~ I gave my baby a big hug as a 'welcome to the world' gift. She cooed as I did so. I smiled at her adorable self.
As I noticed it was 6AM, I heard my bedroom door open to my quints walking in wide awake.
Me: "Hi babies, what's wrong?"
Serenity: "Mom, we want to be adults. We want to move out and start our life and we wanted to get permisson from you. So can we PLEASE age up to adults???"
Then the others joined in with 'please?' and 'please mommy! we will do anything!'
I thought for a good 5 or 6 minutes. I didn't want to because they are my babies and they are wanting to age up o quickly...
Me: ".......Ugh fine, you win! But I am aging Clarissa into a toddler and not to a child! And you five better make me proud I did this!"
Austin grew into a very handsome teenager. With his purple streaks coming out very well!
Serenity was a BEAUTIFUL teenager! She still had glasses but her eyesight was getting better so I was happy!
Peyton kept becoming more and more beautiful as the minutes went by. She is a COMPLETE girly girl if you didn't notice!
Arianna is a beautiful young lady, a very beautiful and smart girl. She can get any guy she wants being the way she is!
Hunter turned out as a adorable young man. Like his sister Arianna, he can get any woman he wants being the way he is!
Clarissa turned out to be an adorable little girl! She has her dad's hair color and my eye color! It is a beautiful mixture in my opinion! c;
I decided to tidy up the dogs so I left the teens/fixing to be young adults in charge with their little sister and make sure she doesn't crawl off somewhere.
Austin became a very handsome young adult! He pushed his hair to the back and matured a bit but still in his teenager zone. (Link in The Kids")
Serenity still needs glasses but I think she looks BEAUTIFUL with them! She is such a beauty. (Link in "The Kids")
Peyton, still the girly girl out of the five, is going to try to become a makeup artist/hair artist. I think she is amazing at both of those things! (Link in "The Kids")
Arianna turned out to be a very, very beautiful young lady. Especially her blue skin, it makes her unique! :)  (Link in "The Kids")
Hunter became a very handsome young man. And like his sister Arianna, his blue skin makes him unique! :)  (Link in "The Kids")
I hugged them all before they left. "I love you! And please make me pound that I aged you up from a child to an adult!" I yelled after them as they were walking out the door. "Alright mom! Love you too! Bye!" they yelled and drove off. I felt a tear run down my face as I realized that my household contained of me, Clarissa, Stardance, and Chiko. We went from 9 people/animals to 4.
I picked Clarissa up and immediately taught her to talk. She learned very quickly.
I put her in her highchair and got her some food as I got me something. It was around noon so we needed to eat.
As I picked Clarissa up, I heard the someone knocking on my door. Confused, I went to see who it was.
I walked up to the door looking through the glass doors and saw a really cute man. I immediately thought he wanted to be a father so I answered.
Me: "Hello!"
Him: "Hi, I have a question. I am new here and I have no money what so ever so do you mind me staying here for a while? Oh and my name is Deon Page."
I wasn't expecting that...
Me: "Um, sure! My name is Alina Taylor and this is Clarissa. I am a 100 baby challenge mom so..."
Deon: "Thank you so much Alina! You're a challenge mom? I didn't know there would be any here. That's awesome!" he said as he walked in.
Me: "Yeah, would you like to be father 13 to baby 25?"
Deon: "You have 24 already? Whoa, and sure! Why not!"
I put Clarissa in her room to play and I went in my room, seeing him already ready to do this.
I laid next to him as he kissed me. But the kiss, it was different from the other fathers. It was more, romantic.
We got down to business as I heard the lullaby. "Thanks" I said looking in his eyes. "Anytime" he said and winked. My stomach got butterflies from him. He was definitely different from others.
I checked on Clarissa and saw her asleep. I guess she was sleepy so I gently picked her up and put her in her crib.
I went downstairs and saw Deon watching TV so I joined him.
Me: "Hey"
Deon: "Hey. I have a question that has been going through my mind."
Me: "What is it?"
Deon: "Do you have a job other than being a challenge mom?"
Me: "No, why?"
Deon: "Just wondering. I think you would make an awesome interviewer. Like be on TV and interview people. Like other fellow challenge moms or dads."
Me: "That is a wonderful idea! I think I may do that!"
I went and called some people that I think would be up to be the very first people I interview! I called Skye Everard (Read her challenge HERE), Electra Danton (Read her challenge HERE), Natalie Windfield (Read her challenge HERE), Misty Boles, and Chloe Moreau (Read her challenge HERE). To my luck, they all agreed to be interviewed. I was happy!
I went and immediately thought of where to do the interviews. I called every TV station to see if they had enough space for me to do my interviews. There was this one station that agreed so I left to the station so I could get everything set so I can start as soon as possible! I left Clarissa with Deon as I felt I could trust him.
I had to take a 10 minute drive to the station and had to get everything ready. I called all of the mothers and most of them couldn't come now except one. Natalie could come and she left as soon as we hung up. I was EXCITED! I couldn't wait!
As I got everything how I wanted it to be, Natalie came in.
 Me: "Thank you for doing this!"
Natalie: "No problem! When do we start?"
Me: "We will be starting in a moment!" I said excitedly.
We sat as the producers told me to start speaking. "Hello and welcome to a new show! My name is Alina Taylor and I am the host or interviewer for this show. This show is basically for everyone that wants to start a challenge or wants to listen on how other challenge moms, or dads, do their challenge."
Me: "Let's have this beautiful lady here introduce herself! What's your name?"
Natalie: "Natalie Adella Windfield"
Me: "Hello Natalie. I'm glad you could be here today."
Natalie: "Hello Alina. I'm glad to be here!"
Me: "Alright now let's get to the questions! How is your challenge going so far?
Natalie: "It's going quite well, as I only had to have 25 babies but I've decided to do 100."
Me: "What is the greatest moment in your challenge as of right now?"
Natalie: "When I met Alex."
Me: "What is the worst moment?"
Natalie: "When I found out about my lump."
Me: "I'm sorry. Do you think you will finish your challenge?"
Natalie: "I know I will!"
Me: "How many children so far do you have?"
Natalie: "I have 26."
Me: "How do you do your challenge? Are there any certain rules you go by?"
Natalie: "Nope, I'm a free spirit and I don't care what others think!"
Me: "How about someone special? Have you found 'the one'? If so, who?"
Natalie: "I may have... But I just need to make sure that he loves me too.
Me: "Who are your best friends? It doesn't have to be a challenge mom but if it is that's fine too."
Natalie: "Cassy Best, Robin Moreno (her fiance), Jones Lemi, Ashby, Logan, Chloe and Becks."
Me: " Who helps you go through your challenge? Like who helps support you as your doing it?"
Natalie: "Jones does."
Me: "Who inspired you to try the challenge?"
Natalie: "I had no choice, my mother made me do it, but I guess my mother then."
Me: "What do you have to say to the people wanting to try the 100 baby challenge?"
Natalie: "Only do it if you're ready. being a challenge mom is a lot of work. You don't just pop out 100 babies like that. You can do it. You /will/ do it if you want to."
Me: "Well, that's all the questions I have so thanks you for coming Natalie. It was amazing for you to be here!
Natalie: "Ok! Thank you for having me. It was a fun time!"
Me: "That is the end for today! Come back tomorrow and I will be interviewing 2 more challenge moms! Thanks for watching and have a good rest of the day!"
I took a 10 minute drive home after making sure Natalie left. That was so much fun! I can't wait for tomorrow!
I walked in my house and into the kitchen to Deon and Clarissa clapping. "Good job Alina. You did and looked AMAZING!" Deon said. I smiled as I picked my little girl up. "Go mommy!" she said. I laughed at her adorableness. "Time for night night" I told Clarissa. "Yay night night!" she yelled. She LOVED going to sleep!
"Night baby, love you" I said as I kissed Clarissa's head. She looked at me and passed out. I smiled at her and walked to my room.
I walked in to see Deon already laying down getting comfortable. "Why are you sleeping in my bed? Why can't you sleep in one of the boy's beds?" I asked as I got clothes to change. "I don't know, can I sleep here?" he asked with those beautiful eyes of his. "Ugh, fine. I will be back." I said and walked out. I got changed in the bathroom and walked in the bedroom.
I laid down and said goodnight to Deon, which he said back. We went to sleep instantly!
The next morning I woke up to Clarissa jumping all over me yelling "WAKE UP MOMMY!". I slowly sat up and wrapped her in a big hug. "Good morning sweety!" I said as I got up with her in my arms. "Mommy, I wanna show you something! Put me down, put me down!" she said. "Okay, okay! Show me something!" I said happily as I sat her on the ground. I watched as she got up on her own and started walking. My mouth dropped. "You can walk! How?" I said in amazement. "Deon, Deon!" she said happily running out of my room. I smiled as she did so, Deon is amazing with kids.
I walked down the stairs after I got dressed to Deon playing with Clarissa. "You are just amazing with kids Deon!" I said happily. "I know, I know. I guess that's what happens when you are the oldest sibling of 5 and your mom is gone to work almost all day and your stuck with screaming toddlers and children." he said laughing. I was amazed at his supposedly large family.
I looked down at my belly and saw it got a bit bigger. "Deon, my bump is showing." I said, smiling. He put Clarissa down and came to me. He put his hands on my stomach and looked into my eyes. "Wow.. This is my first baby." he said, still shocked that I was showing. I laughed at him and he hugged me. "Alina, I think that I am in love with you. I know you can't get married until the challenge is over but having a boyfriend doesn't count, right? Will you be my girlfriend Alina?" I stood there a minute. "Yes!" I simply said and we kissed. I now have a boyfriend, this could be interesting.
It was around noon and I was going to interview 2 more challenge mothers tonight so I had to get going and get ready before 4 so the show can end around 6 or so. "I have to go. Love you Clarissa, bye Deon!" I yelled walking towards the door. "Love you too mommy!" Clarissa yelled. "Bye! See you when you get home!" he yelled and I left. I took the 10 minute ride to the station.
I walked where my area is in the building and called the other challenge moms that volunteered. I called  Electra, Skye, Chloe, and Misty. Chloe and Misty decided to go after whoever went next so I was hoping Skye and Electra could do it. To my luck, they could! I am now gonna interview Electra Danton and Skye Everard in about an hour!
An hour passed as I cleaned everything and it was almost 3:30pm when Electra walked through the door. "Hi Electra! Glad you could come!" I said. "I am glad to be here! This is amazing that your doing this!" she said. I smiled and heard the door open again. "I hope I am not late! Am I late?" Skye said coming in. "Hey Skye! And no, we were just about to do the interviews so you are right on time!" I said happily. "I am going to be doing Electra first so you can wait backstage or something and I will call you back out during commercial break. I said. she nodded as we did what we had to before show started.
"3, 2, GO!" the producer mouthed. "Hello and welcome to a new show! My name is Alina Taylor and I am the host or interviewer for this show. This show is basically for everyone that wants to start a challenge or wants to listen on how other challenge moms, or dads, do their challenge." I said as that will be my saying before starting interviews.
Me: "Here is a beautiful challenge mother right here. Let's find out her name! What's your name?"
Electra: "My name is Electra Danton"
Me: "Hello Electra, I'm glad you could be here today!"
Electra: "Hi Alina. I am excited to be here!!"
Me: "Awesome! Now question time! How is your challenge going so far?
Electra: "My challenge is slow but amazingly fun to do."
Me: "What is the greatest moment in your challenge as of right now?"
Electra: "Watching my first born, Sarah, leave the house and make something of herself."
Me: "Awe, what is the worst moment?"
Electra: "When I thought that my baby was going to be taken from me."
Me: "Wow! Do you think you will finish your challenge?"
Electra: "If the children don't eat me alive, yes." I laughed at her response.
Me: "How many children so far do you have?"
Electra: "10."
Me: "Good job for getting 10! How do you do your challenge? Are there certain rules you go by?"
Electra: "No rules, wait there is one... No eating the babies, that would cause digestive problems." I laughed again, but harder.
Me: "Wow, haha! How about someone special? Have you found 'the one'? If so, who?"
Electra: "I think I may have met 'the one' His name is Tristan, but I play a tough game, he's married, but what he and I share is special, I think."
Me: "Who are your best friends? It doesn't have to be a challenge mom but if it is that's fine too."
Electra: "Natalie Sierra, Skye Everard and Paisley Parker."
Me: "Awesome! Who helps you go through your challenge? Like who helps support you as your doing it?"
Electra: "Yes, Skye helps me a lot, she helps me get through day to day life of having children, she says it helps that I'm an idiot because it means the children trust me more."
Me: "Mhmm.. Who inspired you to try the challenge?"
Electra: "Skye"
Me: "Wow, Skye is mentioned alot! I guess she is really close to you! Anyways, what do you have to say to the people wanting to try the 100 baby challenge?"
Electra: "DO IT! It's loads of fun and you get so much more out of it than 100 children, you get 100 times more love and drama, oh and you get to sleep with 100 different men and not be thought of as slutty."
Me: "Well, that is all the questions. Thank you for coming Electra! It was amazingly fun having you here!"
Electra: "It was SO MUCH fun to be here! So, thanks for having me Alina!"
Me: "Coming after the break, we have another beautiful challenge mom that might just be Electra's best friend and the mom that inspired her to do her 100 baby challenge! Stay tuned to find out!!" I said as the producers said we were in commercials. 
"That was amazing!" Electra said. I smiled as Skye came out. "I inspired you to do your challenge?" Skye asked amazed and happy. "Yeah, you are the one!" Electra said laughing and blushing. Skye smile grew tremendously. "To your spots everyone!" the producers yelled.
Skye sat where she needed to and I sat where I needed to. I grabbed the questions and waited for the producers to tell me to start talking. "Welcome back everyone! I just got done interviewing the beautiful Electra Danton."
Me: "So now it is time to interview that wonderful lady here! What's your name?"
Skye: "Skye Louise Everard"
Me: "Hello Skye! I am glad you could be here today."
Skye: "Hello Alina. I am happy to be here!"
Me: "Now questions! How is your challenge going so far?"
Skye: "I'd say pretty well. I'm up to baby 63 after just over a year, so I'm reaching all my goals."
Me: "What is the greatest moment in your challenge as of right now?"
Skye: "My greatest moment...hmm... I'm torn between my first child and just managing to keep going each day, on so little sleep. The perils of being a mother, I guess"
Me: "What is the worst moment?"
Skye: "The worst is easy, around baby 29 I experienced he first death of one of my children, it tore me apart but I kept going, and I think moving towns helped with that."
Me: "Aww.. Do you think you will finish your challenge?"
Skye: "Definitely. I would not put myself through this to stop at anything less then perfect"
Me: "How many children so far do you  have?"
Skye: "I just had babies 60, 61 and 62."
Me: "How do you do your challenge? Are there certain rules you go by?"
Skye: "Well it's pretty average so far, except being me, I tend to use the more unusual fathers. It's much more enjoyable. And I always try to have fun, whatever I do."
Me: "How about someone special? Have you found 'the one'? If so, who?"
Skye: "Well my special someone certainly is special, and I hope to stay with them as long as possible."
Me: "Who are your best friends? It doesn't have to be a challenge mom but if it is that's fine too."
Skye: "Paisley is definitely my closest friend, we know each other better than anyone else, and it helps that she was my first friend when I moved over from England to her."
Me: "Who helps you go through your challenge? Like who helps support you as your doing it?"
Skye: "Well lots of people. I get support from my local community, and Paisley of course. I think my kids are the most important people in my life though, I wouldn't still be here today without them."
Me: "Who inspired you to try the challenge?"
Skye: "If I'm entirely honest, it was Della Wriner (the first) but Paisley and I had already agreed to do it together in 8th grade, but Della was the inspiration push we needed to get going."
Me: "What do you have to say to the people wanting to try the 100 baby challenge?"
Skye: "Be prepared for pain and lack of sleep. Trust me. But at the end of the day it has it's perks. Don't be scared of it, especially if you want to do something you have to set your mind to it and start. It gets easier a you go. Oh, and don't do drugs."
Me: "Ha! Well, that's all the questions I have so thank you so much for coming today! I am very happy you came!"
Skye: "Alright... Thank you for having me, I had fun!"
Me: "That is the end for today! Come back tomorrow and I will be interviewing some more challenge mothers tomorrow! Have a good rest-of-the-day and see you tomorrow!"
After the show was off, I hugged Skye and Electra as a thank you for coming out. "Thank you both for coming!! I am so happy you both took time out of your busy schedule as a mom and came here!" I said happily. "Your welcome! It was so much fun!" Electra said. I smiled as Skye began to talk. "Well, I have to go... It was fun being here! Bye!!" Skye said as she walked out the door. "Bye!" Electra and I both said. "I might aswell leave too. Bye Alina! If you want me or need me for something, just call!" She said. "Thanks Electra! Bye!" I said as I gathered my things.
I drove another 10 minute drive home. I walked in to Deon clapping silently. "Where's Clarissa?" I asked. "She's asleep. Have you checked the time?" he said. "No.." "Well, it is 8:30 so I went ahead and put her to sleep." I just smiled and kissed him. "C'mon, let's go to sleep too." And with that, we headed to my room.


  1. Aw, I'm sorry you have to stop this challenge. It's always sad to see challenges that have to stop because of game issues. If only Sims didn't have so many issues. It would definitely make life a lot easier!

    Goodbye, Alina. You will be missed.


    1. it's okay, I'm hoping to start another challenge but not have so much CC in my game. It definitely would make life easier! She will be missed.

      ~Kaitlyn Thomas

  2. I'm sorry about your game but I'm looking forward to your new challenge. I'm doing a.challenge too. I was wondering if you it. Thanks