Sunday, April 22, 2012

Babies #10, #11, and #12: Grim's Babies

Welcome back everyone! When we last left off, my best friend came and I had beautiful twin girls named Kiara Taylor and Macie Taylor! No on with the post!! :D
When I got home I put Kiara and Macie in their cribs...
It was about 3AM when I left the hospital so I was super tired!
Everyone woke up around 5AM... I talked to Sabrina for a little bit...
Me: "Do you really have to go?"
Sabrina: "Yes... I'm sorry... My job allows a max. of 7 days off..."
Me: "Aww..."
Sabrina: "Don't worry, I will come back whenever I get enough days off..."
Me: "Ok..."
I had a bad feeling about her leaving but I thought it was just because of sadness.
                                                              *Sabrina's POV*
After talking with Alina, I went and started saying goodbye to the kids...
Me: "Now, Della? You better be good until you hit being a young adult ok?"
Della: "Yes'mam"
Me: "Bye Della"
Della: "Bye Miss Sabrina"
Then I went to Zack...
Me: "Zack, until you hit being a young adult, I want you to help your mother in any way possible ok?"
Zack: "Yes'mam!"
Me: "Good boy! Now I have to leave ok?" Bye Zack"
Zack: "Bye Miss Sabrina!"
Then I went to Kiara...
Me: "Kiara, I want you to be good to your mother... Goodbye Kiara..."
Kiara just cooed...
After putting Kiara in her crib, I went to Macie...
Me: "Macie, I want you to be good and to help your mother in anyway possible... Goodbye Macie..."
Macie started crying but I calmed her down...
Then hugged Alina.
Me: "Call me if any of your kids go bananas!"
Alina laughed and said "Ok!"
                                                                 *Alina's POV*
When I heard Sabrina's car drive off I ran outside... I'm going to miss her :(
Before I could start chasing after her car, someone horrible showed up... The Grim Reaper... But no one died!!! o.o
Grim Reaper: "Are you Alina Taylor?!?!?"
Me: "Y-Y-Yes?"
Grim Reaper: "You must have my child or else!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I finally managed something out...
Me: "O-Or e-else w-w-what?"
Grim Reaper: "Or else you most beloved child will die!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Luckily the kids were at school when this was happening... But NO!! Not Zack! Anything but him!!!!
Me: "Ok!!! Anything! Just please don't hurt my children!!!!!!"
Grim Reaper: "RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Me: "Ok!!"
I went and showed him where my room was...
And before I know it, I'm under the covers with my worst enemy...
Then he left disappearing before even touching the sidewalk...
I heard Kiara and Macie crying so I ran in there to see if they were ok and they were... I fed Kiara...
Snuggled her and put her to bed before going to Macie...
I fed Macie, snuggled her, and put her back in her crib...
Then cleaned Levi's tank and fed Levi...
The kids doing homework... Zack brung a friend over!
Eating cake...
It was starting to get late so I told Zack's friend to leave...
Zack washed dishes <3
I changed Kiara's diaper, fed her, and snuggled her...
In the crib she goes!
Then changed Macie's diaper. fed her, then snuggled her...
In the crib she goes!
Filling Max II's food bowl up.
With out warning I had to throw up...
After throwing up, I went to the corner of my room and wrapped my arms around me... I was thinking about how I love the little one inside me but I don't like his or her's father... Now I'm gonna be careful for every little thing I do just to try and avoid the father of this baby...
I was starting to get tired so I went to sleep...
I woke up before everyone and decided to clean the sink.
Without warning again, I threw up...
 Then everyone ate...
And I washed dishes...

I heard Kiara and Macie crying so I tended to their needs... I changed Kiara's diaper, fed her, snuggled her, and put her back in her crib...
Now Macie... I changed her diaper, fed her, snuggled her, and put her in her crib...
Toilet time!
And toke a shower...
Brushing Max II...
I am pregnant!
I was bored and decided to watch the kids show programs...
When the kids got home they got straight to their homework!
I was getting bored with the kids programs, so I got on my new laptop that someone sent me! I decided to chat with my new BFF Love Sierra! :D
As it was starting to get late, I decided to go to bed...
Baby bump day #1!
Max II was getting lonely so I let him sleep with me <3

I woke everyone up early because I wanted a picture with Zack and Della... Zack stood beside me touching my stomach and Della stood on the opposite side of me. <3
After taking the picture the kids went to school and I cleaned the bathroom sink.
They immediately started their homework when they came home.
Birthday time!
Della goes first!
Zack goes second!

Kiara goes third!
Sparkles! :D
Last but not least is Macie!
 Sparkles again!
This is Della Taylor! (link in "The Kids")
This is Zack Taylor!
This is Kiara Taylor!
And this is Macie Taylor!
I hugged Della goodbye.
Della has officially moved... </3
Zack wanted to feel the baby bump so I let him <3
Zack also helped me put Kiara and Macie in their crib.
Baby bump day #2!
I went to bed early because I will be in labor tomorrow.
In the morning me and Zack put Kiara and Macie in their highchairs.

We all ate together <3
I washed dishes.
Baby bump day #3!
Then labor hit! I left Zack in charge.
In the hospital I go!
And out with a basket full with triplets <3
Meet little Hope Taylor!
This is little Zayn Taylor! Named after Zayn Malik from the band called One Direction <3
And this is little Harry Taylor! Named after Harry Styles from the band called One Direction <3  Thanks for reading!! :D